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Urban Pinboard is an integrated digital platform that enables the public, private and community sectors to connect by contributing ideas, comments and proposals on all urban matters in a single platform. Urban matters may be physical, visual, acoustic, strategic and political and they could be local or regional. They may be quantitative and/or qualitative. Urban Pinboard is a data and knowledge rich resource that has the ability to raise the urban IQ of the city and as a result, produce more informed decision making and smart city transformation.

Urban Pinboard is founded on open urban data, with the latest qualitative and quantitative urban data constantly being input by all sectors to become a universal resource and collaboration platform.

Examples of urban data that may be harnessed and integrated within Urban Pinboard may include:

Community Input Government Policy: Professional Input Other Urban Data
Local knowledge and insight that already exists but is normally locked away. I.e. lack of amenities in a certain area; lack of performance of certain infrastructure; ideas for new developments or programs; public perspective on policies or infrastructure investment;


Local Government and State Government Policies / Plans translated into a legible digital / spatial format that general public understands. Research or studies prepared for a particular area by professionals. i.e. flooding studies; site survey information, traffic studies; ideas for new developments, improvements, collaborations.


Big Data of Cities – Theory and Politics surrounding data; Policy-making urban data: land use and geographic data, Census & demographic data, traffic – mobility & flow data; Other types of urban data from social media and twitter to noise, urban lights and urban heat; Public and Open Data (or commercialised data).


Urban Pinboard is an urban data marketplace, where commercialised data can be exchanged or purchased through plug-in applications integrated with the platform. Once on Urban Pinboard, data and ideas can be responded to or elaborated on by others from any sector, providing equal opportunities to be connected. The digital platform enables participants to respond by sharing their own views on the data they see, regardless of their physical proximity to the matter being proposed or addressed.

Participants can share their ideas and responses via connected platforms such as social media, in order for those ideas to gain momentum and reach wider audiences. Urban Pinboard will have sophisticated voting and ranking systems to allow popular ideas and data to be brought forward to gain more momentum and become a project or action.